Holiday Plant Design and Rentals

Commercial HOLIDAY DÉCOR FOR OFFICES and Lobbies

We can take your office building or lobby and spread holiday cheer with professional holiday décor.

Forget the tacky tinsel and cheap store-bought wreaths you drag out of the maintenance closet every year and deck your office halls with pleasing holiday decor instead. Let the designers at Serene Green take care of all your office holiday décor needs. We will work with you to develop a design that incorporates your company’s style or even your colors, while also creating a festive atmosphere that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Our team can set you up with gorgeous poinsettias flanking the doorway, full shimmering wreaths, trees decorated with commercial-grade ornaments, swags to garnish stairway railings, and other festive floral décor. Whether it’s a modern, contemporary look, elegant and traditional, or something in between, we’ll create the right holiday décor for your unique office or commercial space.

  • Holiday Trees

    ? This should be step one in the process. For example: You meet with our professional team of designers to evaluate your space to come with the perfect holiday decor plan.

  • Decorated Wreaths

    ? This should be step two in the process. For example: We work with you to pick out the perfect plants and trees to bring your space to life.

  • Poinsettias

    ? This should be step three in the process. For example: We run out maintenance program to ensure that all of your holiday plants and decor bring incredible life to your lobby for the season.

Set Up And Storage

  • Professional Installation

    Once your colors, themes, budget, tastes & designs are finalized, our team will take care of the setup and installation of all the holiday décor. We will ensure that everything looks perfect and is securely in place, and we can also provide ongoing maintenance throughout the holiday season to keep your decorations looking their best.

    Break Down and Storage

    When the holiday season is over, we can take care of the process of breaking down and storing your decorations. This will make sure that everything is safely and properly stored away, so you don’t have to worry about them being damaged or ruined by the elements. We can also provide storage services for any decorations you may want to keep for future years.

Kickstart Your Festivities

It is never too early to talk about your Holiday Decor. We would like to meet with you prior to the holiday rush to establish the installation date as well as the take down date. Our design team goes to market and showcases to look for the latest in holiday trends, so they will keep you in mind all year long to make sure your tree is STUNNING.

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