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Serene Green wants to be a go-to service for our clients whenever greenery is concerned. We want you to be happy in your space. If that means adding something green, then we are your source. We do so much more than just take care of your inside plants. We can help you with planters just outside your lobby door with seasonal colors. We can add another layer of GREEN to your walls by using preserved moss. In addition, we have people put GREEN in those hard-to-reach or impractical places.

  • Seasonal and Outdoor Services

    Do you have planters right outside your door that are too small for the landscaper to do? Do you have planters that once looked great, but because of the colder, or very hot temps the plants have died? If you answered “Yes” to either of those questions, let us help you remedy that. Welcome your tenants and customers to your facility with impressive and colorful outdoor foliage. Your customers will notice your patioscape before they walk through the door. Your employees will enjoy lunch outside in the welcoming courtyard.

  • Faux, Artificial & Replica Plants

    A great thing about replica plants is their versatility. Modern artificial plants are now so incredibly lifelike. If you have a space that does not have any light, like in a dark recess area under the stairway, artificial plants may be the best way to add a little greenery. Also, if you want some sort of greenery above the bar at a trendy restaurant, faux plants can bring liveliness to that area. Real plants may be hard to reach suspended so high in the air.

  • Moss Wall Services

    Are you a forward thinking company? One who understands the need for incorporating biophilia into their office space in a streamlined way. Serene Green can help you liven up your space with a moss wall. Imagine, walking into a lobby and moss, in various colors, are on the wall. The moss would be in a design, kind of like a portrait. It would be 100% natural. The moss is preserved, so it is almost maintenance free. Unlike plants, there is no lighting required and the moss will help to reduce stress and absorb sound.

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