Green Plants
for Indoor Spaces

Why Professional Plant Care Is The Answer

Investing in a professional plant maintenance program can offer several advantages. It not only saves you time and energy, but also ensures that your plants get expert care tailored to each plant’s individual needs. Biophilic design encourages morale and productivity in the workplace by providing a more inviting atmosphere. Perhaps the largest benefit is the improvement of air quality in the workspace.

  • Evaluation of your Space

    Are you in the beginning stages of construction? Or, maybe you already have an existing office. Let the team at Serene Green come out for a visit to bring your office or retail building to life. Our team will start by evaluating the unique characteristics of your space.

    We will examine lighting and traffic flow. We will also take into consideration existing colors and textures of walls, floors and furniture. Then, we will use our expertise to select curated arrangements and plant selections.

  • Expert Delivery and Installation

    We thrive on being able to come in and transform your space with plants. Our horticulture team will tend to every detail of the installation. We source out-of-state quality foliage, hand-clean your plants, and use only proper staging materials. We’ll verify that your installation is up to industry standard and watertight. Our processes aim to instill peace of mind.

    We only order plants from premium growers in South Florida. As well as, We exclusively offer planters from companies that provide products that are made from either recycled plastics, fiberglass, wood, or stone.

    Once your plants arrive in our warehouse, our team meticulously inspects and cleans them. We also inspect the planters. Next, we will deliver all products to your space for expert installation.

  • Don’t Have A Green Thumb? No Problem!

    You want your interior landscape to remain in top condition, but you also have a business to run and may lack the time or required to care for your plant life.

    Serene Green ensures quality foliage products, weekly service by uniformed technicians, and guaranteed maintenance to you. To keep plants looking their best, our plant maintenance services go beyond basic watering and pruning. We perform pest control, fertilizing, and managing phototropic conditions.

    As well as, our guaranteed maintenance will replace plants when necessary at no extra expense to you. Creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy environment for you remains our central mission. Complete customer satisfaction is a top priority!

Here Are Some Examples

  • Office of 10-15 People

    1 – small plant on table in the lobby of the waiting area
    2 – long rectangle planters on top of the filing cabinet with low plants
    2 – tall cane trees in the conference room flanking a tv
    1 – floor plant in each of the executives offices

    Office of 50 – 100 People

    1 – small plant on table in the lobby of the waiting area
    1 – orchid on receptionist desk
    1 – rectangle planter under the company logo
    4 – long rectangle planters on top of the filing cabinet with low plants
    2 – tall cane trees in the conference room flanking a tv
    3 – colorful plants in breakout rooms
    1 – floor plant in each of the executives offices
    2 – floor plants by elevator

    Various wall planters in breakroom, Plants under windows in Collaborative workspaces

    What Does That Include?
    • Weekly visits by fully uniformed, trained, and equipped maintenance technicians
    • Plant health management (watering, fertilizing, inspections for pest activity and symptoms of disease)
    • Cosmetic plant care (dusting, trimming, pruning as needed)
    • Monitoring environmental conditions (light, temperature, nearby traffic patterns) and rotating plants when necessary
    • Replacement of failed plants (thin, overgrown, or otherwise unattractive) at no charge

    *Free replacement will not apply in the event of theft, vandalism, unauthorized moving of the plant, or damage resulting from loss of power.


Why Professional Care
Plants Are The Answer

From retail stores and hotel lobbies to corporate offices, hospitals, and more, Serene Green has been improving commercial spaces all throughout Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, Cordova, Bartlett, Southaven, Olive Branch and surrounding areas for decades.

To learn more about how we can take your business environment to the next level with our plant design and maintenance services, give us a call at 901-386-3791 today to schedule your consultation!

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