Moss Wall Design and Installation

Preserved Moss Pieces

Moss pieces are perfect for people who may want a little biophilic design in their lobby or home but do not have much space. A key feature of moss walls is that they require very minimal upkeep. The walls are completely customizable, and the possibilities are ENDLESS!

  • Alternative to Artwork

    Let your imagination just wander a little bit. Instead of hanging a piece of artwork on the wall of your lobby, why not use moss to bring life to your space? This would be a great way to incorporate a little biophilic design into your workspace.

    Moss wall designs have grown in popularity. The ease of the installation is almost the same as artwork. They can be designed with a frame or without a frame. It can be hung quickly with very few office interruptions.

  • Make A Statement

    Our design team can make a custom piece just for you. We would add soft, preserved reindeer moss, sheet moss or mood moss in a wide array of colors. We could also display your company logo on a textured moss backdrop. This can be done in various shapes, colors, patterns, and textures. One feature of moss pieces is their simplicity.

  • Our Design Process

    Our process is very simple. We will talk to you about the design you want to use. Then, discuss the size, color and where it will be displayed. Once we have a design our team can create a piece based on your specifics. We use only the highest quality preserved materials. This way, the piece will last for years to come.

Here Are Some Examples

Connecting With Nature

Serene Green’s moss art will bring the lush beauty from outdoor nature into your inside world. That indoor world could be hotels, office lobbies, cafeterias or restaurants. Natural art that brings tranquility to any space. The moss pieces come with no limitations. They can be hung in rooms with no light, no soil and no water.

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