How to Preserve Indoor Plants

There are some people who can have indoor live plants, and others who seemingly can’t, simply because they “kill them,” accidentally, of course.

If you want to preserve indoor plants, keeping them healthy and thriving, there are certain things you need to do.

First, different plants require different amounts of light. If you look at the tag that comes with the plant and/or do some research online, you’ll know whether your particular plant does well in direct sun or needs a lot of shade. Place the plant in your home in a spot where it gets “the right amount of light.” Skylights and South or West-facing windows generally provide the most light into rooms where plants can grow.

Plants can adapt to changes in light, but they’re a bit delicate—so, for instance, if you move a plant from a very dark place to a very bright place, it may be overwhelmed by this extreme change. Don’t stress plants out.

When you buy plants at a store, they usually come in small plastic pots. At home, though, you should re-plant them into bigger pots that hold more water and can allow for root/plant growth. Also, it’s important to make sure there are drainage holes on the bottom of pots, to let excess water out, thus preventing root rot.

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