Do Artificial Plants Attract Insects?

Adding foliage to any office space is going to increase its appeal naturally, easily, and cost effectively. Some people may be concerned about adding any type of plant, even artificial ones, for a single reason: they attract insects, spiders, and other bugs. However, is this actually true? Do artificial plants attract insects?

The short answer is that they do not. Rubber and plastic plants do not actively attract bugs or arachnids of any kind.

However, that isn’t to say that they can’t find their way into the crevices of the artificial plant! While there is no scent, moisture, or other drawing factors to attract insects, an artificial plant is still an excellent home for littler critters…if they are not undergoing proper maintenance. The hiding spots offered by the leaves and branches appeal to insects in the same way that beneath your desk or behind a doorframe does.

If the artificial plant is maintained, cared for, and cleaned properly then this won’t be a concern. Regularly engaging the artificial plant by cleaning it off will provide all the action necessary to make it a bad choice for an insect seeking a new hiding spot. Once the insect realizes that this isn’t a great spot to reside, it will move along.

So, while artificial plants do not actually attract insects, they could still provide a good home. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional interior plantscaper! They can help you not only select the right kind of foliage for your work space, but also give you tips like these ones to maintain the plant and keep the critters away.