How Can Plants Attract Tenants to Your Building?

As the owner of a business complex or apartment building, your top priority is to fill your available space with tenants, and to keep them there. Of course, there are many factors that come into play for tenants, including location, price, and infrastructure.

But it’s important to remember that this is a place that will be called home, whether for a person or a business. The challenge for a landlord is to find ways to attract tenants that go beyond the obvious. In this area, once again, the power of plants makes itself apparent.

Think about the idea of curb appeal. When someone pulls their car up to a home that’s for sale, their first impression is very important. By decorating the outside of a home, sellers hope to inspire a positive gut feeling that gets buyers excited. You should consider the outside of your business complex or apartment building as the curb appeal for every single one of your tenants. It gives them an immediate impression of how the people inside live, and promises a good impression on outsiders if that tenant decides to move in.

Once inside, a well-placed, tasteful array of plants becomes even more important. Apartment dwellers and nine-to-five office workers will be spending most of their time trapped indoors. Being surrounded by indoor plants will help them to feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s not that prospective plants will be counting the number of plants in your building. In fact, they may not even be able to put their finger on why they are attracted to your building—and that’s a good thing.

This power of attraction also comes at a very reasonable price. Indoor plants will improve the aesthetics (and air quality) of your building without breaking the bank. In fact, many building owners think of indoor plants as a gift that keeps on giving. By attracting more tenants and increasing demand, you may be able to charge more for rent, and your property should increase in value over time.

You can feel good about adding plants to your business complex or apartment building, in Memphis or anywhere else in the country. Contact Foliage Design Systems today for expert assistance in planning, installation, and maintenance of indoor and outdoor plants.