Reasons to Hire an Interior Plantscaper for Your Business

Creating an inviting and professional (yet business casual) environment for your office space can be challenging. Very often times an outdoor landscaper is brought in to freshen up the office by adding indoor plants, however this rarely works out in the long run. Here are the top reasons why hiring an interior plantscaper for your business is a great decision to make.

1)      They know what they are doing. While a secretary, office assistant, or front desk manager may have good intentions at heart, ultimately they aren’t aware of proper maintenance techniques for the caring of interior foliage. Dusting off the leaves isn’t enough – there are aeration and drainage issues to consider.

2)      They have the experience to make a positive difference. Arranging interior plant designs is a lot more involved than just grabbing something that looks good and sticking it in the corner of the waiting room. The balance of climate control, pest control, humidity, lighting, traffic flows, liability insurance, and much more are all taken into account. This all builds toward selecting the correct plants to add to the office space. The right selection can be the difference between a wonderful addition to the work area and the hassle of a poorly chosen plant.

3)      It’s efficient and cost effective in the long run. Asking someone unqualified to pick out a random plant to add to the waiting room, common room, or office may backfire. Not only is that person being taken away from other important tasks, but they are possibly just throwing away company money by selecting a plant that won’t last long in that particular environment. Six months later you’re right back where you started.

Hiring an interior plantscaper for your business is a step in the right direction toward enhancing the professionalism and comfort of your office!