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How Can Plants Attract Tenants to Your Building?

As the owner of a business complex or apartment building, your top priority is to fill your available space with tenants, and to keep them there. Of course, there are many factors that come into play for tenants, including location, price, and infrastructure. But it’s important to remember that this is a place that will… Read more »

Do Artificial Plants Attract Insects?

Adding foliage to any office space is going to increase its appeal naturally, easily, and cost effectively. Some people may be concerned about adding any type of plant, even artificial ones, for a single reason: they attract insects, spiders, and other bugs. However, is this actually true? Do artificial plants attract insects? The short answer… Read more »

Reasons to Hire an Interior Plantscaper for Your Business

Creating an inviting and professional (yet business casual) environment for your office space can be challenging. Very often times an outdoor landscaper is brought in to freshen up the office by adding indoor plants, however this rarely works out in the long run. Here are the top reasons why hiring an interior plantscaper for your… Read more »

Provide Privacy for Your Employees With Indoor Plants

Did you hear what she said? So-and-so is going out with so-and-so and they didn’t like that the other person showed up and yada yada yada…Office gossip can be hard to avoid when there’s no privacy at work! Foliage Design Systems of Memphis has a solution to office space privacy: plants! Did you know that… Read more »

What Are Preserved Plants?

Plants and trees make up a huge portion of the beauty found on Earth. They also serve as symbols of strength and long life. Unfortunately, plants, like all other living things, must die. But what if there was a way to preserve a plant or tree’s natural beauty even after it’s life has run its… Read more »

What Are Artificial Plants Made Of?

People tend to like real, live plants, even if they require more upkeep than “fake” plants. That said, some people have a really hard time maintaining live plants, so they end up utilizing artificial ones to decorate their homes, office spaces and rooms in general. Artificial plants don’t need water and they don’t die. What… Read more »

Indoor Office Plants Make A Strong First Impression on Customers

Foliage Design Systems of Memphis is an indoor plant company that specializes in office plants, replica and artificial plants, and interior plantscapes. You may have come across their plants in lobbies, offices, and restaurants. Foliage Design Systems’ products make a strong first impression on customers. When you walk into a building with their plants, you… Read more »