Provide Privacy for Your Employees With Indoor Plants

Did you hear what she said? So-and-so is going out with so-and-so and they didn’t like that the other person showed up and yada yada yada…Office gossip can be hard to avoid when there’s no privacy at work!

Foliage Design Systems of Memphis has a solution to office space privacy: plants! Did you know that certain plants can be installed in an office by a professional plantscaper, arranged to give people their privacy while also enhancing the look of the place, too?

It can cost a lot of money to build walls in an office space, but plants are an affordable alternative which also help beautify the space while making a place “greener” as well. Think of using plants as “living walls” to separate spaces so people have spots to get away from the main aisles at work where there’s all sorts of noise and distracting activities going on during the workday.

Foliage Design Systems of Memphis utilizes live plants, artificial plants, and decorative containers, spaced in certain, smart ways, to improve an office’s “privacy spaces.” When you want to have some privacy at work, but installing actual walls is “not going to happen” for whatever reason, have Foliage Design Systems’ plantscaper come and configure plantscapes for privacy.

In addition to expert installation, a professional plantscaper or plant attendant can come to your office to maintain the plants on a weekly basis, adhering to a quality control assurance program to ensure that the plants look good and healthy.

Improve your office space by adding plants– they look pretty, make people feel good, and provide needed privacy