What Are Artificial Plants Made Of?

People tend to like real, live plants, even if they require more upkeep than “fake” plants. That said, some people have a really hard time maintaining live plants, so they end up utilizing artificial ones to decorate their homes, office spaces and rooms in general. Artificial plants don’t need water and they don’t die.

What are artificial plants made from? First of all, consider this: artificial plants get their design inspiration from real, live plants. They’re essentially non-living copies of real plants.

It takes certain materials to make artificial plants. Generally, in the era in which we live, many people’s artificial plants are made from plastics. You’ll often see green stems made of plastic for most flowers and plants on the market today. In addition, berries and seeds can be molded from plastic and painted colors to look like “the real thing.”

Besides plastics, artificial plants and flowers may incorporate other materials such as paper, silk or even polyester. And, like clothing, artificial plants may also use cotton or rayon.

Things like wires and glue often hold artificial plants and flowers together, making for an artistic and generally somewhat realistic appearance.

Depending on where you buy artificial plants and flowers, and what price you pay for them, some look “almost real,” whereas others look so cheap and chintzy that you’d expect they’re from a dollar store. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so to each their own.

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